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Superyacht Shipping is a yacht transportation company that arranges worldwide boat shipping for all sizes of yachts and motorboats for yacht owners, boat builders, and yacht charter companies. Superyacht shipping provides certificated shipping cradles for sale and hire to private clients, ship owner’s, boat dealers, boat brokers, and selected freight forwarders worldwide.

Through having a fleet of shipping cradles that can be used for most semi-displacement, and full displacement motorboats combined with a full load service including, sea delivery and boat transport to the docks, shipping covers, export customs, and subject to further details insurance shipping options are opened up for clients. The policy of Superyacht Shipping is to give clients best advice having understood their objectives and to explain the alternative methods of boat shipping so a successful outcome is achieved exceeding the clients expectations.

SuperYacht Shipping is constantly actively seeking to develop new relationships with vessel owners, shipping lines and selected freight forwarders worldwide to raise the profile of shipping yachts, motorboats, catamarans and workboats to open up new routes and services for shipping boats to developing markets.

The Superyacht shipping boat shipping cradles are continually being refined, maintained and developed to fit new production motor yachts. Cradles are strategically placed around the world with selected agents ready for shipments of boats globally.

Full Displacement Shipping Cradle

Boat Shipping Cradles for sale or hire

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SuperYacht Shipping offers weekly, worldwide liner sailings

SuperYacht Shipping offers weekly liner sailings worldwide from Europe to Far East, Middle East, Australia, USA and South America, Taiwan, Hong Kong to Europe USA, and monthly sailings from Antwerp and La Rochelle to the Caribbean for all sizes of motorboats, catamarans, and yachts on mast up water to water service for all sizes of boats shipped, spares freight, moulds and moulding tools shipped globally.


Superyacht Shipping Ltd provides boat shipping quotations at three levels: